Is a 33 year old Franco-Cameroonian International Personal Trainer. He recently completed Andre Run USA a race across America covering 15 states and 2800 miles/4500km over 4 months.

 This extreme distance runner had already ran 1’860 miles (3’000 Km) from the North of France to Morocco over 3 months in 2018, under the name  “La Migrante(The Migrant)

He’s a real globetrotter, having lived in places like Cameroon, his ancestral home  during his teenage years.

He then lived in the United States for several years.

His travels also took him to places like Canada, Kuwait, and others where he  discovered his calling in life, Sport and  Running.



This race was primarily dedicated to the memory of his father, who left  Cameroon in the early 70s  to move to France.

His journey across Africa lasted nearly 3 years and more than 2485 miles  (4000 Km) with less than 70 Dollars in his pocket. He never gave up on  realizing his dream of a better life.

André wishes to convey a message of of the same strength, determination  and faith that drove his father during this momentous race.

In this context, the affiliation with USA for UNHCR, the UN Agency for  Refugees, appeared natural choice for André.

He hopes to draw attention to this cause and more particularly, access to  education for refugee children, especially promoting school  construction. The goal of this race is to be able to carry André’s message  as far and as wide as possible and thus collect donations for UNHCR’s  education programs.


A big thank you for the collaboration with USA for UNHCR to give access education to refugees children.

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